Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sanguine and more sang, whine!

When did I last have a decent night's sleep in this cult? Yes, I love to earning my £11.25/hour (with no sniff as yet of any negotiable structures/prodecures for reflecting overtime...) as a creative musician, but feeling like blood-donation is next on the call-sheet, esp. when I'm particularly sleep-deprived (and that from a man who's parented 4 times!) is, er, tricky.

But stuff it. I/we can do it! In my 49th year, my 35th as a creative musician, I'm at last salaried and - albeit it temporarily, till some phantom axe fall - fulltime in my chosen career!


So: first preview last night followed hot on dress-rehearsal. Both alright, preview better than alright. But ways to go till aspirant-perfectionism is attained. That is: I know I can do EVEN better. And I'm quite decent already.

Let's see how tonight goes. As Zoot said y'day, one of us ought hide in toilets for surveillance, post-show...Hear what the punters really think.

Break My Legs. If the Pedals Don't First!

Paul Bradley

ciocfaidh mo la!