Thursday, 8 March 2012

New to Blake, new to Blogging, but I see them!

I do see them! See them on a delicate whisper, on a genuine smile, on a generous hug, on a particular someone's sweet and goofy laughter, as the sun wakes and says bye bye...Upon the recollection of a pleasant time, around couples in love, in innocence, in joy, in rebelliousness, in naughtiness... 

I see them in what's turning out to be an almost compulsory, yet rather spontaneous Fleur Darkin Company’s pre-class morning group laughing session. I see them when I hear some music or certain voices. And Yes Paul! That joyous music you 'play' with Ezequiel's wholesome joyful solo, is most certainly allowing me to see them.

But, I last saw them in Newbury, as I turned around to catch a glimpse of a falling tear on William's cheek…

I felt welcomed. I'm on board! 

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