Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I arrive at Wellington academy slightly late as my taxi driver was very chilled out! At the entrance I meet a very enthusiastic dance teacher that takes me to a room of 30 young dancers.
In that room we crated something quite amazing as the youngsters where very surprised with my introduction to the human body. The fact that they are so young allow their minds and able bodies to embodied the concepts I explore in class. By the end of it no one was sure weather the head was on top of the neck or weather the feet were the hands... We did 'tondues' with our hands, 'chasses' on our arms and the concept of being up side down, up right was all mixed up! I tryed to offer my very particular views on contemporary dance....
After this great session I get on a bus towards Salisbury, the journey took approximately one hour, but 15 minutes into it the driver stop the bus and went out for a fag! So, at this point everyone wondered what was wrong with the bus, but everything was fine. The driver finished her cigaret, jump back in and started the bus. I didn't give it to much thought as the landscape was beautifully green and the sun was shining:)
On the landscape I noticed something diferent. Man, soldiers running, chatting, smoking.... I was going through a military base, the absence of women and children made me feel uncomfortable to be honest and
then I wondered what would take one to serve a country and go to war.
I don't think I could ever do that myself and I still can't understand why would you go to fight a war against another country, man, children and women.
The landscape changed shortly after as I arrived to Salisbury, a beautiful small place blessed by the spring.
Tomorrow we perform Blake Dipytch and I can't wait to fall in love with Catherine again, to cry as my mother speaks about the fears and vissicitudes of William.
I can't wait to see angels again,
I can't wait to share the stage with this blakian family that has inspire me to make more work and to transform the establishment of dance.
A personal thank you from my heart to all of you, I can not believe that this tour and experience is coming to an end.
'Come on William, life awaits'
Ezekiel Oliveira

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