Saturday, 29 October 2011

The angels

The angels appeared to me, William.

The angels aren’t representative. They exist and they have a very distinguishable essence and purpose.
William and the angels communicate; they inspire creation and open the mind to perceive the surrounding world in a poetic manner.
Those that see angels are ‘privileged’ and perhaps experience the world in a more intimate and sensorial way.

I wonder how Catherine lived with William, his visions and the angels.
To accept what you can’t see, to trust on your beloved. To be so blindly in love that acceptance becomes the norm and you find yourself living with the angels that you can only imagine.

Blake is now an emotional turmoil for me.
The emotional turmoil happens due to an availability to sense the surroundings in the work.
The different emotional states are rooted in each counter point.  There is no stability in the action, and the latter is constant for over one hour.

The very interesting experience is to listen to the all ensemble on stage. The story is written on the set, in our faces and damaged bodies, the references to William and the angels, William and Catherine, William and his parents and finally William in the world as an artist are spread everywhere.

I can now see the work, even if it is bouncing inside a specific frame waiting for the time to settle in a more concise form.

The sense of being an individual with a generous personality is settling in everyone, and alongside this personal experience the ensemble is together as a whole.

Experience is this ensemble of personalities that speak Blake’s world, visions, desires, frustrations and passions.

 Ezekiel Oliveira

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