Sunday, 23 October 2011

Arses, Elbows and Angels by Paul Bradley

October races on, sun unaplogetically shines, we aim to make the show.

My weekend has been multi-locational and fairly dizzy: Friday night - back to Bristol (home) for a demanding, entirely-unrehearsed, but very satisfying gig, playing tricky music.

Then: Sat. 5.30, up for 6.30 train back to London; for a Saturday rehearsal. As it turned, this scheduled children's and families' workshop got cancelled, in favour of an even longer day's hardworking rehearsal. Goalposts: move.  Still, we were professionals., and undertook the noticeless re-adaptation with aplomb.

Then, i.e. now, happily holed-up in East Molesey (nr. Hampton), seeing my wife and the younger two of my four offspring. This eve I'll train it back to Greenwich, where's there's no laptop, no internet. This is my chance to blag a friend's computer, to tap my happy hexes to, whoever's reading?

Weekends like this one let me feel more keenly my solitariness as the sole team-member who doesn't LIVE in fecking London! But what not kills me, makes me potenter...

Through all this delirium I keep reminding myself that I'm working, fulltime, in music, in art, being spontaneous, collaborating. As my saner shell crumbles off with the shakes of the madder musicgenerator within, I feel FULFILLED!

Come on Monday!

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