Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Q's blog entry

Words. I'll give it a bash. Where do I begin? I guess offically this project is merely 15 days old, but it's been over a year since Fleur and I began tentative discussions about 'Blake'.
Since then we've experienced a wild and joyous R&D week in Bristol......... Talked through ideas under trees. Put plans into action matter of factly. Screamed at each other over the phone. Sat in awkward silence together disbelieving the other person's point of view. Exchanged rueful smiles across the studio. Witnessed beauty created by the cast doing their thing. Put ourselves through the necessary contradictions that is ballet class. Stood alone on the dancefloor not able to move. Driven to move by the glory that is dance. Unable to form a sentence just when it is needed the most. Allowing the body in motion to cast it's spell. Shaking off colds and stomach bugs, dehydration and unanswerable questions. Swaying with the magic when it finally arrives. Dropping the ball. Pointing the foot. Not making any sense. Having a laugh. Being a luvvie. Enjoying the company. Touched by the generosity. Firing blanks. Feeling the love. Not understanding stuff. Doing silly handstands. Pissed off with the exhaustion. Living the passion. And using words.

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