Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kirty Arnold's post at the end of week one

There was no time for awkward 'getting to know you's' on our first week into Blake Diptich. Monday to Friday mainly comprised of just five of us working together in the studio, Fleur, Quang, Audrey, Ezekiel and myself. From next Monday the team gets bigger as we are joined by a fifth dancer, alongside the musicians, writer, actor and designer...

Based this week at Laurie Grove ,we got straight into moving...and spent the time exploring a variety of tasks, each other and the writer William Blake.
Starting the day with a series of exercises with Quang, we then have company class led either by one of us, or Gaga technique (no relation to the popstar!) with the wonderful Chisato Ohno.

This was a week of exploration, partnered with sun-filled lunch breaks (is it really September?!) and alongside developing movement vocabulary Fleur set us a series of challenges both inside and outside of the studio. Me and Ezekiel struggled to recall and set an intimate, improvised duet recorded on video; we went for a walk, we shared our 'to do lists'; we worked on developing movements to a brain-teaser of folk song; we improvised with roles of characters that surrounded Blake and we got naked...well Ezekiel did...more on that to come.

My brain is full of little excerpts that I look forward to developing throughout the process, it has been an exhausting but definitely intriguing first week...

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