Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hello all,

another intense, strange, productive, wierd and at times frankly bonkers week has come to pass. We've soared in celestial paradise. Rioted like filthy horny pigs. Crashed and burned to the raging resignation of "hey ho". There have been some radical changes (BTW, I love hyperbole as u may of gathered) with Tanya (writer) and Lou (dramaturg) coming in and landing some heavy-weight punches..... as if we weren't battered, bruised, bludgeoned enough already!!!. It's also been a week of birthdays (the jolly good fellas being Anna and Kirsty) What's for sure, is that this is most definatley a coming of age experience for most of us (at least the more melodramatic ones anyway)
However, amidst the chaos, the adult arguments, the delinquent chatter, the bull$(!% sound and fury, Angels of resplendant beauty seem to be emerging. And it's up to us to keep them partying.

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