Monday, 17 October 2011

William, Sophia and the Lamb.

Monday the 16th of October.

Mondays are quite mental in the studio. Today the piece started coming together and I could only observe my body trying to figure out how to put all of this material and experiences together.
It seems like Fleur has a very clear idea of how the different materials will work together but honestly my brain was melting over my body as the day went by.
I can now recognize sections of the piece and they also have names, very funny names such as the virgin floor material. At this point in the process light illuminates different avenues that the work could follow and I try to keep myself open to all of them.

Today I had a chat with Blake and Sophia. I am the lamb, the loved one that died at young age and keeps showing up on Blake’s visions. Innocence and kindness were the sentiments manifested in that particularly scene with Morgan (Blake).
The Lamb has had quite an intensive life and I am working on understanding who he was and who is he this days. I, Ezekiel the lamb.
The investigation seems endless and very fulfilling and as I walk across London I keep seeing Blake everywhere.
Here’s some pictures,

Ezekiel Oliveira

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