Sunday, 16 October 2011


Sunday, reflection day. Saturdays are usually a perfect storm of memory loss, broken information, frustration over unfinished tasks, overwhelming relief that things have come to a temporary pause- a chance to step away.
It's been an emotional week.
I struggle to recall exactly what has been achieved, but I know that barriers have been broken (for the better and for the worst) and a richer palette of colours has become available in the creation studio. The process has opened us all up, exposing unexpected strength as well as unintented vulnerability. We've pull together not allowing anyone to slip away. We've sworn at each other in the name of Art and not so much- "you dirty crack whore, get the $%&* out of my face", "it's not all about you, you nutter! How about me!!" We've carried on making merry work. There's plenty of satisfaction, inevitably accompanied by bouts of cold panic.... Blakean binaries, maybe. Maybe it's all just nonsense. We push on, get high together, through the dance, image-making, and other tactics. I'm glad it's Sunday. Tomorrow will be more drama. "Everything is an attempt to be human" the poet once said.

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