Thursday, 13 October 2011

Audrey on the process

Hello everyone. Audrey Speaking.

Should I introduce myself? Okay, so I have a green watch, a pale skin, a macbook, long hair, secrets, two brothers, good friends, a critical mind, massive boobs, an oyster card, dreams and idealistic ideas. What else? Mmmh... I would love to jump in a pond right now but maybe I should start building my own house first. If i have enough money at the end of the month I will consider buying a sail boat, (although a bicycle might be enough), and travel to South America. I wish my brain could be empty sometimes, it would probably help me to look more natural when walking with high heels. VoilĂ .

Third week in the studio. Time flies.
The working space feels like a home and I love the fact that I can spread my mess and let it grow bigger as the weeks goes. The atmosphere is vibrant. This piece is about movement and people and this is exactly what I was looking for.
Little by litte William Blake is giving away his secrets and do my best to understand him better. The walk in central London last thursday definitely helped me to get a glimpse of Blake's world.
My role in the piece seems to take a new direction...'Here we are Mr. Blake! Hope you can accept me as your beloved wife, because this is what I am going to be. Don't worry, you will learn to appreciate me'.

Enough words. Let's see what the next days have to offer.
And don't forget! When lost or in doubt... Just open your ears. Paul's wonderful music is the answer.

Good night.

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