Sunday, 2 October 2011

Inside the dancer: Ezekiel's first post 2 Oct 2011

Here are some unorganised thoughts:
1. To witness the moment,
2. To strip to the bones of one idea. At the age of 3 what really mattered was that one kiss on the floor, my world paused for that.
3. Blake is the opportunity to unlock unique moments that have been hiding on the back of my mind for 25 years.
4. The awakening of the first idea with no sense of responsibility, joy.
5. Pants down, see this? I am a man and not a girl.
6. No to shape and no to form, digging the essence.
7. Blake is a new vision.
8. Architecture suddenly became animated in London.
9. To allow the memories left in the buildings and in space to be in the present moment, revealed.
10. A 20 second frame of life where 'bones' speak for themselves and shape or form aren't considered. 
11. Get my pants off as I am tired or running around and want to go to sleep, I will go to sleep NOW, naked.
12. Gaga makes my ' canvas ' available to investigate and present as I go along - uncompromised attitude to creation.
13. Simple is the word. No to complicated.

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